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Fryant Model Boat Exhibit Photos of model boats built by John L. Fryant. He also sells a catalog of plans (click here).

King of the Mississippi
Detail photos of a magnificent hand-made model boat by Ronald Simmons. This boat is for sale.

Robert E. Lee Model Plans
Check out these blueprints, currently for sale on eBay (2/21/2009)

Model builder Lee Anne Ward
J.M. White model in progress.

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News from Pete Baker
Read up on the Fred Aeschbacher model collection and the "Fulton's Followers" Group at Google, and see more model boats on display.

Three Model Boats
Three model boats by Virgil Reynolds: the Delta Queen, Henry L. Hillman, and River Rose.

Model boats
Boats and model kits by the late Dwight Hartman, of Hartman Fiberglass Models.

The North River, aka Clermont
Photos of a model built by Randy Decker, including large detail jpgs.

The North River, aka Clermont
Photos of a model built by Frederick Aeschbacher, including large detail jpgs.

The Pacific
A new model built by Bernd Mueller.

Story of the Apollo II
A Wisconsin artist built an exact replica of the Apollo, which sank in the river near his home.

Knop Exhibit
A New Model Boat on Brazilian Waterways

City of Monroe
A radio-controlled model built by Jim Hale and an article by Jim Hale about how he built it.

Model Steamboats
Twelve photos of radio controlled steamboat models, crafted by Ralph Lossing.

A fun idea: buy a radio controlled boat, car, or plane!

model boats

Model boat photos in the Dave Thomson wing of the Steamboats.com Online Museum:
Photos of model boats by Dave
Model boats used in filming movies
Tender for Dredges 1898 (model plans)


Model Boat Links

John L. Fryant's model boat plans
Link to Steamboats.org for Paddlewheels and Props: Plans for Riverboats and Tugs. This is a twenty-five page illustrated catalog with overviews and ordering information for forty-plus river craft plans.
* vintage steam paddlewheel passenger vessels
* vintage towboats
* early diesel sternwheels
* diesel prop towboats
* barges
* auto ferries
* modern towboats
* harbor tugs 1910 to WWII-era

John collected these plans over many years. Many come from Ward Engineering Works of Charleston, W. VA. The catalog includes a resource section on how to collect boat plans and where to find them. Also, resources for historical societies, publications, and model building supplies. If you are a ship model builder, river artist, historian or just a boat buff, you will find this catalog useful.

Shown below is a small sampling of John Fryant's model-making expertise assembled by Dave Thomson.

Photos of the CHAPERON, SUSIE, CHICOT and OHIO VALLEY - RC models on the water. Center left is a detail of the sternwheel of the SUSIE.

Bottom right is John Fryant (left) with a reference model of the QUEEN CITY on the mantle that he made for artist Michael Blaser (right) whose giclee of his painting of the QUEEN CITY at Cincinnati hangs above the mantle in John's home in Maineville, Ohio.

To see more, go to: Fryant Model Boat Exhibit.

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More Model Boat Links

RemotorBoater.com Website about RC Boats where I talk a good bit about the electronic components and how to improve performance of your boat. I thought your readers might enjoy some of my articles and tutorials on things like Lithium Ion batteries, hacking Gas engines and RC Boat basics, by Matt Ward.

Plastic Kits - Plastic Model Kits UK - Plastic Aircraft Model, Plastic Vehicle Model, Plastic Model Ships UK based Just Kits & Models provides plastic kits and plastic model kits which mainly include plastic aircraft model, plastic vehicle models, plastic ship models, military vehicles model, military figures, maritime vessels and dioramas. Good stock of aircraft kits, ship kits, boat kits and road vechicle kits like car model kits, lorries model kits, motorbikes model kits.

MaritimeModelWorks.com leading model source - see also PrecisionModelWorks.com

Radio Control Boats go directly to the r-c boat section at xenonproject.com, your friendly one r/c store, also sells boat model parts and buiding supplies. This is a real place with real people, so tell them Nori at steamboats.com sent you! Send me an r-c boat if you have an extra one!!

The new home for Dwight Hartman models and Hartman Fiberglass RC:
Hartman Model Boats www.hartmanmodelboats.com
Loyalhanna Dockyard www.loyalhannadockyard.com
and Tubmans Plans www.taubmansonline.com
7527 Gilbert Road, Bergin, NY 14416 Tel.: (585) 494-0027 Fax: (585) 494-1369

Demo Co. of Hong Kong sells model boat components.

Links for radio controlled models: rcgroups.com * mikessubworks.com - model submarine info. and supplies * subcommittee.com - everything for the model submarine hobby * ramrcandramtrack.com Ram Radio Controlled Models * hobbylobby.com * hrprod.com Supplier and manufacturer of white metal castings in Assorted Scale for World War II Ship Modelers, Dioramas, and Miniatures * towerhobbies.com rc boats, cars, planes * harbormodels.com rc boat models, all accessories * scaleshipyard.com hulls and fittings for model boats * polkshobby.com everything radio controlled * e-z-hook.com - electronic accessories

Hms Surprise Ship Models Browse a wide range of model ships, sailboats and yachts available at reduced prices. Available in different sizes.

Delta Queen rc boat

This is a Delta Queen radio controlled model boat found recently at the rcgroups.com forums.

Stuart Models
To download a brochure on the Puffin range of models, please click on the link below;
For more about the "Puffin Marine Power Plant" with horizontal boiler, please click on the link below;
For more about the "Puffin Marine Power Plant" with vertical boiler, please click on the link below;
For more about the Puffin Engine without a boiler, please click on the link below;

Rapid Prototyping DPT Fast Rapid Prototype Stereolithography - for model builders - a rapid prototyping company concerning stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), injection molding, urethane casting and fused deposition modeling (FDM). We work with thermoplastics, epoxy, nylon, urethane, and many different metals to bring 3d CAD files to reality. Continuous research of the different areas of engineering brought me to steamboats.com; it stands out as one of the few credible resources covering similar engineering facets.

Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University Project to excavate the Heroine, a sidewheeler that sunk in 1838. Part of the project involves building models of the boat as it is excavated. (sorry, no models for sale at this link - scroll down for model building kids and instructions)

ScienceToyMaker.org Learn how to make a putt putt boat based on simple scientific principles

The Model Factory Put together a paper steamboat. Looks fun! [site temporarily offline as of 2/18/2012]

Buzz's Boat Yard one of the largest toy boat and ship sites on the web. Buy or sell a boat here.

If you want steam power in your radio-controlled model boat, contact Ray Bell. He imports engines, boilers, and accessories from England that are manufactured by John Hemmens. Email Ray Bell

Model Marine Electronics at Paddwheels 2000

Steam Models from Yesteryear Toys and Books Inc. "Fascinating Working Steam Models!" Kits or assembled.

If you are looking for boat-themed gifts, visit the Compass Locker. Home to both tugs-r-us.com and towboats-r-us.com. We are dedicated to providing quality gifts and collectibles for the tugboat and river towboat enthusiasts. Our website offers products that are custom made, exclusive or hard-to-find and have been created or collected to fill a void for tug and towboat enthusiast. Click on the following link to view our very popular desk set combination card holder & letter opener.
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