The Eleventh Annual Online
Steamboat Race

2011 online steamboat race - boats at the starting line

Welcome to the steamboat race. The boats are at the starting line, ready to begin.

2011 online steamboat race - the people's boat

The favorite to win this year is the People's boat.

2011 online steamboat race - monopoly man is the challenger

However, Grover Norquist has lobbied hard for his boat, the Daddy Warbucks Pollution Machine, which is already way ahead.

2011 online steamboat race - one boat pulls out ahead

Look at the soot coming from the stacks. This boat jumped the gun, gaining the lead before the race begins. Grover is elated.

2011 online steamboat race - monopoly man - thnks he's winning

steamboat race begins

The judge fires the starting shot and the race begins.

2011 online steamboat race - the boats are neck and neck

Apart from the Daddy Warbucks, the boats are neck-and-neck.

2011 online steamboat race - monopoly man - too bad

The judges have called out the Daddy Warbucks. However, Grover Norquist and his ilk refuse to give in. Will they win? It would be a terrible miscarriage of justice, considering that they broke all the rules.

All steamboat races are great, and we are sure that once the outcome is decided, the 2011 online steamboat race will go down in history as one of the greatest.

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BREAKING NEWS!! The judges have weighed in, deciding the race 20-21, with the People's Boat winning by one point! Could it be anymore exciting?